Aug 23

2016 Potomac #5 Results

PlaceTeamsFishDeadLunkerWeightPenaltyTotal WeightSQT PointsTeam Points
1B Smith/S Williams504.9614.72014.72 10/10100
2G Brandt/P Velasquez413.8911.62-0.2511.37 10/1099
3M Hogan/J Muir503.4310.52010.52 10/1098
4D Mumma/S Haas303.849.2209.22 10/1097
5R Oberdick/B Forsman503.298.6908.69 10/1096
6G Alexander/J Walls503.038.6208.62 10/1095
7N Miller/B Schwager304.828.1308.13 10/1094
8A Wall/D Lingham302.927.407.4 10/1093
9JR Clark/E Mcguinness302.797.2507.25 10/1092
10D Diantonio/B Fisher402.197.2407.24 10/1091
11G. Plaskon/M. Ruiz303.18707 10/1090
12B Barnes/D Shirkey303.796.6106.61 10/1089
13B Laclair/M Morris412.026.72-0.256.47 10/1088
14L Switala/L Switala303.135.5205.52 10/1087
15R Shirkey/R Shirkey Jr303.114.8204.82 10/1086
16C Morris/J Weber401.54.6804.68 10/1085
17D Engel/B Eccleston2003.9503.95 10/1084
18R Newberry/M Kunkowski2003.8603.86 10/1083
19K. Shirkey/W. Stewart202.913.8303.83 10/1082
20J Mandes/M Watson2002.4602.46 10/1081
21K Molz/D Brockmeyer101.451.4501.45 10/1080
22K Bush/J Helmick101.241.2401.24 10/1079
23B Vandrunen/R Oneal000000 10/1015
24J Semans/K Mitchell (Sub)000000 10/1015
25W Ness/D Ramsey000000 10/1015
26N Wharton/N Wharton000000 10/1015
27B Chango/K Fisher000000 10/1015
28M Hammond/B Carroll (Sub)000000 10/1015
29J Fields/G Mckee000000 10/1015
30C. Gubernott/T. Jackson000000 10/1015

Aug 11

2016 DE Mid-Atlantic Divisional Fundraiser

2016 DE State Fishing Team

Mid-Atlantic Divisional Fundraiser

Texas Roadhouse

Seaford, DE- Thursday, Sept. 1, 4-10pm

Click HERE for event flyer & details!


Jul 26

2016 Classic Standings – 7/26

PlaceTeamsPotomac RiverSassafras RiverPocomoke RiverNanticoke RiverPotomac RiverTotal PointsTie Breaker (Lunker)
1B. Schwager/N. Miller*10089859203665.55
2B. Barnes/D. Shirkey8892959103664.75
3J. Weber/C. Morris*9885899403664.11
4M. Morris/B. LaClair*9493829703663.83
5D. Diantonio/B. Fisher7991100950365
6R. Shirkey/R. Shirkey Jr*959480930362
7G. Alexander/J. Walls847699990358
8D. Engel/B. Eccleston96847610003565.35
9J. Mandes/M. Watson9095947703564.35
10K. Bush/J. Helmick838790870347
11B. Smith/S. Williams858881900344
12B. VanDrunen/R. Oneal*766798980339
13D. Mumma/S. Haas818292760331
14G. Brandt/P. Velasquez*787897750328
15A. Wall/D. Lingham927974780323
16M. Kunkowski/R. Newberry876984820322
17J. Clark/E. McGuinness*8971788103194.30
18K. Shirkey/W. Stewart8668917403193.43
19B. Chango/K. Fisher*777487800318
20L. Switala/L. Switala808075790314
21K. Molz/D. Brockmeyer758673730307
22M. Hogan/J. Muir*09693890278
23J. Fields/G. McKee157577960263
24G. Plaskon/M. Ruiz97738600256
25D. Lauer/J. Lauer08183860250
26M. Hammond/B. Wyatt*15096850196
27C. Gubernott/T. Jackson01588840187
28N. Wharton/N. Wharton*15700830168
29B. Moody/D. Perrego9915000114
30R. Oberdick/A. Dixon0150880103
31B. Austin/J. Clacher0100000100
32C. Scroggs/G. Zinkhan09900099
33J. Semans/T. Algier09800098
34M. Mullett/J. Coverdale09700097
35A. Hastings/K. Waterman93000093
36C. Justus/M. Vergara91000091
37S. Ewell/F. Daniels09000090
39A. Ayers/D. Sills82000082
40J. Short/D. Hendren00790079
41J. Muir/J. Nichols*07700077
42M. Mount/E. Mount07200072
43P. Craft/Roberts06600066
44S. Redden/B. Redden01500015
45N. MarvelL/D. Beebe*01500015
46C. Donahue / C. Justus00150015
47B. Greenwell/R. Shirkey00150015
48B Moody/F Daniels00015015
49T. Stump/L. Boney000000

Jul 26

2016 Nanticoke Results

PlaceTeamsFishDeadLunkerWeightPenaltyTotal WeightSQT PointsTeam Points
1D. Engel/B. Eccleston504.2314.880.0014.88 10/10100
2G. Alexander/J. Walls503.4413.920.0013.92 10/1099
3B. Vandrunen/R. Oneal503.5912.050.0012.05 10/1098
4B. Laclair/M. Morris513.1611.39-0.2511.14 10/1097
5J. Fields/G. Mckee502.3510.020.0010.02 10/1096
6D. Diantonio/B. Fisher502.579.500.009.50 10/1095
7C. Morris/J. Weber502.238.980.008.98 10/1094
8R. Shirkey/R. Shirkey Jr502.108.950.008.95 10/1093
9N. Miller/J. Hatter (Sub)503.458.940.008.94 10/1092
10B. Barnes/D. Shirkey511.989.10-0.258.85 10/1091
11B. Smith/S. Williams512.458.81-0.258.56 10/1090
12M. Hogan/J. Muir502.838.540.008.54 10/1089
13R. Oberdick/513.228.10-0.257.85 10/1088
14K. Bush/J. Helmick502.537.750.007.75 10/1087
14J. Lauer/D. Lauer501.686.870.006.87 10/1086
16M. Hammond/K. Robinson502.376.780.006.78 10/1085
17C. Gubernott/T. Jackson411.726.07-0.255.82 10/1084
18N. Wharton/N. Wharton400.004.870.004.87 10/1083
19R. Newberry/M. Kunkowski411.515.02-0.254.77 10/1082
20J.R. Clark/E. Mcguinness302. 10/1081
21B. Chango/K. Fisher401.354.150.004.15 10/1080
22L. Switala/L. Switala301.373.800.003.80 10/1079
23A. Wall/D. Lingham201.953.420.003.42 10/1078
24J. Mandes/M. Watson102. 10/1077
25D. Mumma/S. Haas201.432.120.002.12 10/1076
26G. Brandt/P. Velasquez200. 10/1075
27K. Shirkey/W. Stewart101.611.610.001.61 10/1074
28K. Molz/D. Brockmeyer101. 10/1073
29B. Moody/F. Daniels000. 10/1015
30G. Plaskon/M. RuizDNF00.

Jun 15



Humminbird® SmartStrike® Coming to HELIX® 9, 10 and 12 CHIRP
HELIX anglers gain revolutionary fish-patterning power; free software download available this month

EUFAULA, AL (March 3, 2016) – Previously compatible with Humminbird® ONIX® units only, revolutionary fish-patterning program SmartStrike® will soon be compatible with HELIX® 9, 10, and 12 CHIRP. That’s big news for any angler who wants to eliminate unnecessary searching and wasted casts.

“If the features available in HELIX 9, 10 and 12 CHIRP like AutoChart® Live weren’t impressive enough, we’ve added SmartStrike compatibility to really kick it up a notch,” says Humminbird brand manager, Jeff Kolodzinski. “Whether you’re a pro angler or taking the family out on a weekend fishing trip our goal is always the same – to find and catch fish in a very limited amount of time. SmartStrike does just that by helping anglers develop fish-catching patterns quicker than ever before.”


Here’s how it works: SD card-based cartography product SmartStrike allows anglers to quickly run searches for various target species by entering criteria like season, time of day, water conditions, cloud cover, wind, depth, structure, slope, aspect, sun & current exposure, and more. A press of the button later and your LakeMaster HD map comes alive with color-illuminated spots to investigate, greatly reducing the amount of time it takes to learn new lakes, reservoirs and rivers – not to mention, teach us more about home waters.

“SmartStrike is a great pre-fishing tool that can be used before you even hit the water,” says 4-time Bassmaster Classic Champion Kevin VanDam. “Enter your various criteria and it automatically highlights high-probability areas of the lake to fish. Then, once you get on the water, you can use SmartStrike to narrow it down even more. It’s kind of like having your own guide or local knowledge.”

Not only does SmartStrike help anglers locate and pattern fish more efficiently, once you find fish in a given area, simply click on that area, select Find Similar Areas, and millions of data points are searched to return other areas just like it. Combine that with simultaneous use of Humminbird LakeMaster’s patented Depth Highlight, Shallow Water Highlight and Water Level Offset, and creating milk runs has never been easier and more rewarding.

Get Software Update Notification

Humminbird Helix 9, 10 and 12 CHIRP users should verify they have registered their product in the free Humminbird Select Program for automatic notification when the new software becomes available later this month. The software update will allow compatibility with SmartStrike for eleven North American regions, including Dakotas/Nebraska, Great Lakes, Great Plains, Mid-South States, Mid-Atlantic States, Minnesota, Northeast States, Southeast States, Western States, Wisconsin and Woods/Rainy, purchased separately.

With any of these SmartStrike map cards anglers can take advantage of awesome LakeMaster features, including the following:
•    Minn Kota® i-Pilot® Link™ compatibility
•    Easy-to-read contours
•    Depth Highlight Range
•    Water Level Offset
•    Shallow Water Highlight •    Scrollable Lake List


For more information, please visit Humminbird at

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